zhèng correct; straight; upright

Used as component in : shì ; zhēng Made up of [ zhǐ to stop; to prohibit; until; footprint radical 77, one radical 1]
Made with 5 strokes.
Uses a pictogram for a foot with a line or limit above suggesting reaching a 'correct' level or it may be read to suggest walking in a straight line. It is used for counting a tally in China.
Ancient small seal form Small seal

Related characters

Also uses zhǐ component: (a step) 齿 chǐ (tooth) (this) dìng (to set) (martial) zǒu (walk) (foot)
Also uses component: bǎi (hundred) bǐng (third in order) (no; not) chǒu (shameful) dàn (dawn) (virtue) huà (to draw) huò (maybe) jiāng (border) kāi (begin) (beautiful) liǎng (pair) měng (Mongol) miè (to extinguish) qiě (and) shì (life) (to give) zài (again)

Different tone

zhēng (journey) zhēng (to steam)

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stroke order for 正
Stroke order for character 正, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


逢奸宁可玉碎,气正不求瓦全 féng jiān nìng kě yù suì, qì zhèng bù qiú wǎ quán It is better to die with honor than surrender
改邪归正 gǎi xié guī zhèng Reject bad ways and turn to the good
一正压百邪 yī zhèng yā bǎi xié Justice is the main defense against evil