qiě and; moreover; yet

Used as component in : jiě Made up of [ one radical 1]; ; ; ; ;
Made with 5 strokes.
Ancient pictogram of a stone altar or ancestral tablet on the ground. Maybe originally from picture of a penis.

Related characters

Also uses component: bǎi (hundred) bǐng (third in order) (no; not) chǒu (shameful) dàn (dawn) (virtue) huà (to draw) huò (maybe) jiāng (border) kāi (begin) (beautiful) liǎng (pair) měng (Mongol) miè (to extinguish) shì (life) (to give) zài (again) zhèng (correct)

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得过且过 dé guò qiě guò Muddling through life without great ambitions. Contended to just live from day to day.