zǔ to hinder; to block; to obstruct

Made up of [ 'left ear'; 'right of mound' radical 170, qiě and; moreover; yet ]
Made with 7 strokes.
Mound gives idea of an obstacle, zu (tablet) gives the phonetic

Related characters

Also uses component: á (what?) fáng (to protect) jì (border) líng (mound) suí (Sui) xiǎn (danger) yáng (yang) yīn (yin) yuàn (courtyard)
Also uses qiě component: jiě (elder sister) yí (proper) zǔ (grandfather) zǔ (to form) zū (to hire)

Sounds same

zǔ (grandfather) zǔ (to form)

Different tone

zū (to hire) zú (clan) zú (foot)

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