fù 'left ear'; 'right of mound'

Made with 2 strokes.
Called the 'left-ear' radical as it looks like an ear but nothing to do with hearing. Originally picture of steps leading down from a mound.

Sounds same

fù (woman) fù (father) fù (rich) fù (place)

Different tone

fū (husband) fú (good fortune) fú (not) fú (clothes) fú (to trust)


Index 170 used in: á (what?) ; fáng (to protect) ; jì (border) ; líng (mound) ; suí (Sui) ; xiǎn (danger) ; yáng (yang) ; yīn (yin) ; yuàn (courtyard) ; zǔ (to hinder)

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stroke order for 阝
Stroke order for character 阝, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license