fú to trust; to believe in

Made up of [ zhuǎ claw radical 87, child; sage; seed radical 39]
Made with 7 strokes.
A claw over a child suggests a level of trust

Related characters

Also uses zhuǎ component: ài (love) shòu (to receive)
Also uses component: biān (to exist) hái (child) hǎo (good) hēng (prosperous) jì (season) kǒng (great) lǐ (plum) mèng (first month of a season) sūn (grandson) xiào (filial piety or obedience) xué (study) zì (letter)

Sounds same

fú (good fortune) fú (not) fú (clothes)

Different tone

fū (husband) fù (woman) fù (father) fù (rich) fù ('left ear') fù (place)

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