hái child

Made up of [ child; sage; seed radical 39, hài 12th earthly branch ]
Made with 9 strokes.
The child radical gives the meaning, and 'hai' the phonetic

Related characters

Also uses component: biān (to exist) (to trust) hǎo (good) hēng (prosperous) (season) kǒng (great) (plum) mèng (first month of a season) sūn (grandson) xiào (filial piety or obedience) xué (study) (letter)
Also uses hài component: hāi (sound of sighing)

Sounds same

hái (still)

Different tone

hāi (sound of sighing) hǎi (sea) hài (12th earthly branch)

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倒绷孩儿 dào bēng hái ér Accidentally wrapping a new-born baby the wrong way round. Said of someone who though skilled can sometimes make mistakes. An occasional error out of character.


孩子 hái zi children