mèng first month of a season; eldest amongst brothers

Made up of [ mǐn dish; vessel; shallow container radical 108, child; sage; seed radical 39]
Made with 8 strokes.
The element 'min' is a rough phonetic

Related characters

Also uses mǐn component: lán (blue) pén (basin)
Also uses component: biān (to exist) (to trust) hái (child) hǎo (good) hēng (prosperous) (season) kǒng (great) (plum) sūn (grandson) xiào (filial piety or obedience) xué (study) (letter)

Different tone

méng měng (Mongol)

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孟子 Mencius


孟母三迁 mèng mǔ sān qiān It's important to spend time getting things just right for your children's education. The famous story is of Mencius (Mengzi) the second sage of Confucian philosophy. To ensure she had chosen the best possible location for her son's education she is reputed to have moved house three times. The legend is mentioned in the three character classic.