sūn grandson; descendant

Made up of [ child; sage; seed radical 39, xiǎo small; young radical 42]
Made with 6 strokes.
Combining 'child' and 'small' gives the idea of very young child and only a small step yields 'grandson'

Related characters

Also uses component: biān (to exist) (to trust) hái (child) hǎo (good) hēng (prosperous) (season) kǒng (great) (plum) mèng (first month of a season) xiào (filial piety or obedience) xué (study) (letter)
Also uses xiǎo component: dāng (to be) jīng (capital) shàng (still) shǎo (less)

Different tone


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孙中山 Sun Yatsen
孙武 Sun Wu


名落孙山 míng luò sūn shān A euphemism for failing an examination. The story is that Sun Shan and a fellow townsman went to take the Imperial examinations. Sun Shan passed but was bottom of the list. When he went home he was asked by the father of his fellow townsman how his son had done in the exams. He replied that Sun Shan was bottom of the list and your son was below Sun Shan.