barbarians; to wipe out; to raze

Made up of [ big; great; large; very radical 37, gōng bow radical 57]
Made with 6 strokes.
Ancient representation of non-Han people - nomadic barbarians (big people with bows) and associated with razing, exterminating

Related characters

Also uses component: (husband) měi (beautiful) (do not) (strange) qìng (celebrate) shī (to lose) tài (too) tiān (sky) tóu (head) yāng (center)
Also uses gōng component: (younger brother) (not) jiāng (border) qiáng (strong) zhāng ('of')

Sounds same


Different tone

(one) (doctor) (clothes) (clothes) (hidden) (to use) (chair) (already) (twist) (easy) 亿 (100,000,000) (justice) (also) (city) (catch) (skill) (to recollect) (idea) (different)

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武夷山 Wuyishan, Fujian