A measure word to use for this noun: bāo
Made with 6 strokes.
Picture of a gown, drawn in amended form as a radical

Sounds same

(one) (doctor)

Different tone

(proper) (barbarians) (hidden) (to use) (chair) (already) (twist) (easy) 亿 (100,000,000) (justice) (also) (city) (catch) (skill) (to recollect) (idea) (different)
This character is also represented as a radical in the form:

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stroke order for 衣
Stroke order for character 衣, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


解衣推食 jiě yī tuī shí Sharing clothes and food with someone in need. To treat with great kindness and consideration.
量体裁衣 liáng tǐ cái yī Choose appropriate for circumstances. To live within one's means.
天衣无缝 tiān yī wú fèng A perfect result, clothes so well made that the seams cannot be seen. Used to describe an excellent piece of work - especially an essay or speech.
一衣带水 yī yī dài shuǐ Close neighbors. Located physically (or emotionally) close together with very little to separate.
牛衣对泣 niú yī duì qì A couple who are destitute and miserable. They have no money for clothes so use a straw cape made for oxen. Usually used as an admonishment to get a grip and battle with difficulties rather than giving in to self pity.


晒衣节 Shài yī jié Clothes Drying Day