guān shut; close

Made up of [ eight; 8 radical 12, tiān sky; day ]
Alternative traditional form of character:
Made with 6 strokes.

Related characters

Also uses component: dài (to respect) fēn (divide) gòng (common) gōng (public) huáng (yellow) líng (mound) liù (six) (his) shāng (commerce) (four) xīng (prosper) xué (cave)
Also uses tiān component: ǎo (jacket) xiào (smile)

Sounds same

guān guān (official)

Different tone

guǎn (building)

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韶关 Shaoguan, Guangdong


休戚相关 xiū qī xiāng guān People with close ties and shared interests, Mutual dependency.


méi guān xì No problem