kǒu mouth

A measure word to use for this noun:
Made with 3 strokes.
Representation of an open mouth. As a radical it is used for characters to do with the mouth or openings or containers
Ancient small seal form Small seal


Index 30 used in: (supposition or suggestion) ; chàng (to sing) ; chāo (to exceed) ; chī (to eat) ; chuán (boat) ; fēi (coffee) ; (rich) ; (good fortune) ; gào (to tell) ; (each) ; gōng (palace) ; gǒu (dog) ; (ancient) ; hāi (sound of sighing) ; hào (name) ; (together) ; (to close) ; (drink) ; hēng (prosperous) ; hòu (behind) ; huí (to circle) ; huò (maybe) ; (lucky) ; jiào (called) ; jīng (capital) ; jiù (fault) ; (sentence) ; (office) ; jūn (monarch) ; (coffee) ; (can) ; lìng (other) ; (?) ; mìng (life) ; míng (name) ; míng (to call (birds)) ; ne (and you?) ; (hops) ; pǐn (article) ; (as) ; shàng (still) ; shì (matter) ; shǐ (history) ; suī (although) ; tái (typhoon) ; táng (Tang) ; tīng (to listen) ; tóng (same) ; wèn (ask) ; (to be fond of) ; xiōng (elder brother) ; yǎo (to bite) ; yòu (right) ; (language) ; yuán (person) ; yuē (to speak) ; zhān (to observe) ; zhī (one) ; zhī (to know) ; zhōu (circuit) ; (foot)

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stroke order for 口
Stroke order for character 口, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


海口 Haikou, Hainan
张家口 Zhangjiakou, Hebei
营口 Yingkou, Liaoning
周口 Zhoukou, Henan


虎口拔牙 hǔ kǒu bá yá To be very daring and/or to take unnecessary risks
祸从口出 huò cóng kǒu chū Be careful what you say
口蜜腹剑 kǒu mì fù jiàn Disguising ill intent with honeyed words. Deceitful and dangerous
口是心非 kǒu shì xīn fēi To say the opposite of what you really think
苦口良药 kǔ kǒu liáng yaò It takes hard work and discomfort to achieve something worthwhile
目瞪口呆 mù dèng kǒu dāi Dumb struck