to rise; to raise; to get up

Made up of [ zǒu walk radical 156, self; oneself; sixth in order ]
Made with 10 strokes.
The 'snake' radical can be pronounced 'ji' and gives the rough phonetic. Walk gives idea of rising from sitting position.

Related characters

Also uses zǒu component: chāo (to exceed) gǎn (to overtake) tàng (collective for trips)
Also uses component: (order) (to record)

Different tone

(seven) (phase) (board game) (his) (strange) (gas) (steam)

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stroke order for 起
Stroke order for character 起, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


白手起家 bái shǒu qǐ jiā To build up something from nothing
无风不起浪 wú fēng bù qǐ làng There must have been signs that it was going to happen
后起之秀 hòu qǐ zhī xiù Said of someone showing talent at an early age.
起死回生 qǐ sǐ huí shēng Amazing recovery from illness. Said of a doctor who has brought someone back from a terminal condition.
东山再起 dōng shān zài qǐ Coming back after voluntary retirement into public life. Particularly for taking on high office after a long break away from all the action.
闻鸡起舞 wén jī qǐ wǔ Keen to begin a task even at daybreak. Diligent in action, losing no time.