steam; vapor

Made up of [ shuǐ water radical 85, gas; spirit; emanation; energy radical 84]
Made with 7 strokes.
Qi as 'gas' provides the phonetic and meaning, the water radical makes it specifically water vapor or steam

Related characters

Also uses shuǐ component: (wave) (law) gǎng (harbor) hǎi (sea) hàn (perspiration) hàn (chinese) (river) hóng (flood) (lake) huó (to live) (to cross a river) jiāng (river) jīn (ferry crossing) jiǔ (wine) mǎn (to fill) méi (have not) pào (bubble) qiǎn (shallow) qīng (clear) shè (to wade) (to wash) yǎn (to develop) (fishing) (pool) zhì (to rule) zhōu (region)

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Different tone

(seven) (phase) (board game) (his) (strange) (to rise)

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