shè to wade; to be involved; to concern

Made up of [ shuǐ water radical 85, a step; a pace; walk ]
Made with 10 strokes.
Combining water and step gives idea of 'wading' through water and from that the more general concept of 'intervening'.

Related characters

Also uses shuǐ component: (wave) (law) gǎng (harbor) hǎi (sea) hàn (perspiration) hàn (chinese) (river) hóng (flood) (lake) huó (to live) (to cross a river) jiāng (river) jīn (ferry crossing) jiǔ (wine) mǎn (to fill) méi (have not) pào (bubble) (steam) qiǎn (shallow) qīng (clear) (to wash) yǎn (to develop) (fishing) (pool) zhì (to rule) zhōu (region)

Sounds same

shè (to shoot) shè (residence)

Different tone

shé (tongue) shé (snake)

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