shè to shoot; to launch; to allude to

Made up of [ shēn body; life; oneself radical 158, cùn unit of length; inch; thumb radical 41]
Used as component in : xiè
Made with 10 strokes.
A body and a thumb taken to represent somebody shooting an arrow

Related characters

Also uses shēn component: tǎng (to recline)
Also uses cùn component: (get) duì (right) fēng (to confer) guò (past) jiāng (will) shí (time) shù (tree) (Buddhist temple)

Sounds same

shè (residence) shè (to wade)

Different tone

shé (tongue) shé (snake)

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含沙射影 hán shā shè yǐng To spit sand at someone's shadow, in other words to attack someone indirectly by innuendo. There is a legend of a three-legged turtle that would spit out sand at anyone who passed. Its spittle was so noxious that it would infect someone even if it only hit their shadow.