to cross a river; to aid or relieve; to be of help

Made up of [ shuǐ water radical 85]
Alternative traditional form of character:
Made with 9 strokes.
The right part is 'qi' a rough phonetic and water for the river to be crossed

Related characters

Also uses shuǐ component: (wave) (law) gǎng (harbor) hǎi (sea) hàn (perspiration) hàn (chinese) (river) hóng (flood) (lake) huó (to live) jiāng (river) jīn (ferry crossing) jiǔ (wine) mǎn (to fill) méi (have not) pào (bubble) (steam) qiǎn (shallow) qīng (clear) shè (to wade) (to wash) yǎn (to develop) (fishing) (pool) zhì (to rule) zhōu (region)

Sounds same

(border) (already) (season) (snout) (order) (to record) (skill)

Different tone

(fowl) (machine) (lucky) (and) (how many) (self)

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济宁 Jining, Shandong
济南 Jinan, Shandong


假公济私 jiǎ gōng jì sī Use public office for personal gain