and; to reach; up to

Made up of [ yòu also; in addition; and radical 29]
Made with 3 strokes.
Represents a hand grasping a person

Related characters

Also uses yòu component: bào (to announce) (to pass) duì (right) (to send out) fǎn (contrary) (clothes) hàn (chinese) huān (merry) (fowl) jiān (difficult) nán (difficult) (to take) shèng (holy) shòu (to receive) shù (tree) shuāng (pair) yǒu (friend) (pool) zhī (to support)

Sounds same


Different tone

(fowl) (machine) (how many) (self) (border) (already) (season) (snout) (order) (to record) (skill) (to cross a river)

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stroke order for 及
Stroke order for character 及, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


爱屋及乌 ài wū jí wū In love with everything in the world
城门失火,殃及池鱼 chéng mén shī huó, yāng jí chí yú A drastic action may unintentionally affect other people. Show consideration for all
风马牛不相及 fēng mǎ niú bù xiāng jí People moving in different circles, different agendas. Having nothing in common.
殃及池鱼 yāng jí chí yú Suffering collateral damage. Draining a fish pond to search for some treasure would kill off all the fish as a consequence. An action that creates unintended victims.
推己及人 tuī jǐ jí rén To understand a situation from someone else's perspective.
鞭长莫及 biān cháng mò jí Too far away to be able to help or beyond one's skill or influence.