tái to lift; to raise

Made up of [ shǒu hand radical 64, tái typhoon; platform ]
Made with 8 strokes.
Right part is the phonetic, left radical suggests hands involved

Related characters

Also uses shǒu component: (to hold) bàn (to act) bào (to announce) bào (to hold) dān (to undertake) gǎo (to do) (skill) (to pull) qiú (to beat) tuī (to push) (I (me)) zhǎo (to try to find)
Also uses tái component: shǐ (to begin) zhì (to rule)

Sounds same

tái (typhoon)

Different tone

tài (too) tài

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一个和尚挑水喝,两个和尚抬水喝,三个和尚没水喝 yī gè hé shang tiāo shuǐ hē, liǎng gè hé shang tái shuǐ hē, sān ge hé shang méi shuǐ hē Sometimes work is best done alone, a group may procrastinate without achieving anything


龙抬头 Lóng tái tóu Blue Dragon Festival