to hold; to contain; to grasp

Made up of [ shǒu hand radical 64, to long for; to wish; to cling to ]
This measure word can be used with these nouns: dāo (knife)
Made with 7 strokes.
The hand radical suggests 'grasp' and 'ba' provides the phonetic. Measure word for many things held in the hand like brushes, knives, keys, chairs.

Related characters

Also uses shǒu component: bàn (to act) bào (to announce) bào (to hold) dān (to undertake) gǎo (to do) (skill) (to pull) qiú (to beat) tái (to lift) tuī (to push) (I (me)) zhǎo (to try to find)
Also uses component: (father) (supposition or suggestion) (to crawl)

Different tone

(eight) (to long for) (supposition or suggestion) (father)

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