chóng duplicate; repeat

Made with 9 strokes.
Ancient small seal form Small seal

Sounds same

chóng (insect)

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重庆 Chongqing


重庆 Chongqing City, Chongqing


福无重至,祸不单行 fú wú chóng zhì, huò bú dān xíng Bad fortune is more frequent than good
忍辱负重 rěn rǔ fù zhòng Willing to put up with disgrace and humiliation so that work can be done. Often applied to someone given a very difficult but important task.
卷土重来 juǎn tǔ chóng lái Making a comeback after a setback - determined to have another go. Like getting back on a horse after being thrown off.
重蹈覆辙 chóng dǎo fù zhé To repeat a disastrous strategy. Not learning from previous mistakes - slavishly following previous practice. The story is of a virtuous official who risked Han emperor Huan's displeasure by pointing out that he was repeating the mistakes of the second Qin emperor.
举足轻重 jǔ zú qīng zhòng Taking the decisive step; making the crucial decision. A situation where people are hesitant about moving forward and it needs someone to make the first move and the rest follow.
破镜重圆 pò jìng chóng yuán A reunion after a couple are separated or patching up after a quarrel. There are several legends in China about a couple who on separation each took one half of a mirror (which used to be of bronze) and when they eventually they are reunited they found each other by matching up the two halves of the mirror.


重阳节 Zhòngyángjié Double Ninth Festival