shùn to obey; to follow; to arrange

Made up of [ page; leaf radical 181, chuān river radical 47]
Made with 9 strokes.
Originally river and person with large head suggesting some sort of border dispute and coercion

Related characters

Also uses component: lǐng (neck) yán (face)
Also uses chuān component: zhōu (prefecture)

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抚顺 Fushun, Liaoning
安顺 Anshun, Guizhou


节哀顺变 jié āi shùn biàn Often said as a token of condolence on a death
逆来顺受 nì lái shùn shòu Deal with things as they happen; do not put them off
心旷神怡,事事顺利 xīn kuàng shén yí, shì shì shùn lì Feeling happy and relaxed