shàn benevolent; well-disposed; good at sth

Made with 12 strokes.

Different tone

shān (mountain) shān (bristle) shǎn (Shanzhou)

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不善始者不善终 bù shàn shǐ zhě bù shàn zhōng Need to plan everything from the beginning
人恶人怕天不怕,人善人欺天不欺 rén è rén pà tiān bù pà, rén shàn rén qī tiān bù qī Even though evil works may go unpunished on earth, good works do not go unnoticed in heaven. Reward for good may not be immediately received.
多多益善 duō duō yì shàn Safety in numbers. Wanting to invite as many people as possible to improve chances of success
从善如流 cóng shàn rú liú Willing to accept other people's advice just as all water in a stream follows the flow. Readily following good leadership.