róng to hold; to contain; to allow

Made up of [ valley; grain radical 150, mián roof radical 40]
Made with 10 strokes.
Can be thought as retaining grain (gu) under a roof

Related characters

Also uses component: (to wish for)
Also uses mián component: ān (peace) bǎo (jewel) dìng (to set) (rich) gōng (palace) guān (official) hán (cold) jiā (house) (customer) nìng (better) shì (room) shí (real) song (Song) (it) xué (cave) (proper) yuàn (courtyard) zāi (disaster) (letter)

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谈何容易 tán hé róng yì Not as easy as it seemed
一山不容二虎 yī shān bù róng èr hǔ Two equally talented or able employees do not work well together
从容不迫 cóng róng bù pò Taking life calmly and in your stride. Untroubled.