pen; brush

Made up of [ zhú bamboo radical 118, máo hair; fur; coin denomination radical 82]
A measure word to use for this noun: zhī
Alternative traditional form of character:
Made with 10 strokes.
A combination of bamboo and hair to represent the traditional hair brush with a bamboo shaft. The traditional form had a 'hand' instead of 'hair' holding the brush.

Related characters

Also uses zhú component: (ordinal (1st,2nd)) jiàn (arrow) kuài (chopsticks) suàn (calculate) xiào (smile)
Also uses máo component: wěi (tail)

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一笔勾销 yī bǐ gōu xiāo Taking tough, decisive action to solve a problem. The story is of a statesman who sacked a whole host of incompetent officials working for him with one stroke of the brush.
投笔从戎 tóu bǐ cóng róng A scholar choosing to join the army. To choose a more active life mid career.