ér legs

Alternative traditional form of character:
Made with 2 strokes.
The representation of son, child has been simplified to be just a pair of legs

Sounds same

ér (child) ér (as well as)

Different tone

ěr (ear) ěr (thus) èr (two)


Index 10 used in: ér (child) ; guāng (light) ; jiàn (see) ; (to be able to) ; miǎn (to escape) ; (rabbit) ; xiān (first) ; xiōng (elder brother) ; yuán (primary) ; zhēn (really)

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stroke order for 儿
Stroke order for character 儿, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


儿行千里母担忧 ér xíng qiān lǐ mǔ dān yōu Mothers will always worry about their children
也要马儿好,也要马儿不吃草 yě yaò mǎ ér haǒ, yě yaò mǎ ér bù chī caǒ To prosper you must make compromises, you can not have it all your own way
一步一个脚印儿 yī bù yī gè jiǎo yìnr Work steadily one step at a time in order to make solid progress
倒绷孩儿 dào bēng hái ér Accidentally wrapping a new-born baby the wrong way round. Said of someone who though skilled can sometimes make mistakes. An occasional error out of character.