leather; skin; fur

Made with 5 strokes.
Originally made up of 'hand', 'flay' and 'knife' and so skin

Sounds same


Different tone

(bolt of cloth)


Index 107 used in: (wave)

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皮之不存毛将焉附 pí zhī bù cún maó jiāng yān fù Everything needs its proper environment for nurture
人心隔肚皮 rén xīn gé dù pí People are inscrutable. Do not judge by appearance
人要脸,树要皮 rén yaò liǎn, shù yaò pí Reputation ('face') must be maintained at all costs
三个臭皮匠,凑个诸葛亮 sān gè chòu pí jiàng, còu gè Zhūgě Liàng Joint effort can help solve big problems
羊质虎皮 yáng zhì hǔ pí Someone not living up to outward appearance. Looking fierce but actually timid.
与狐谋皮 yǔ hú móu pí Make an unrealistic request of someone who is bound to refuse. A pointless request requiring someone to act against their normal character