líng zero; nought

Made up of [ rain radical 173, lìng to order; to command; an order ]
Made with 13 strokes.
The combination of 'rain' and phonetic 'ling' gave original meaning of a fine mist, it also meant 'last part'. Perhaps helpful to memorize as an enveloping mist where nothing (zero) can be seen or else as the round shape of a raindrop. The use of zero as a number came quite late to China (c. 1250CE).
Ancient small seal form Small seal

Related characters

Also uses component: léi (thunder) (dew) xuě (snow)
Also uses lìng component: lěng (cold) lián (to pity) lín (neighbor) lǐng (neck) líng (age)

Sounds same

líng (mound) líng (age)

Different tone

lǐng (neck) lìng (other) lìng (to order)

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stroke order for 零
Stroke order for character 零, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license