Xián Reaction Influence [hexagram 31]

Yin line Yang line Yang - controlling line Yang line Yin line Yin line

All, interweaving, wooing

Lake over Mountain
Metal Metal element

Mountain Lake
Sǔn [41] Diminution; Reduction
Thunder Wind/Wood
Héng [32] Perseverance; Endurance
Heaven Wind/Wood
Gòu [44] Reaction; Encountering

Lunar month: 5 ; Host or Controlling line : 4
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咸, , , . Xián, hēng, lì zhēn, qǔ nǚ jí.

Xian indicates that, (on the fulfillment of the conditions implied in it), there will be free course and success. Its advantage will depend on the being firm and correct, (as) in marrying a young lady. There will be good fortune.

: 咸, 感. , , , , , . , , 观感, 矣. Tuàn zhuàn: Xián, gǎn yě. róu shàng ér gāng xià, èr qì gǎn yìng yǐ xiāng yǔ, zhǐ ér shuō, nán xià nǚ, shì yǐ hēng lì zhēn, qǔ nǚ jí yě. tiān dì gǎn ér wàn wù huà shēng, shèng rén gǎn rén xīn ér tiān xià hé píng, guān qí suǒ gǎn, ér tiān dì wàn wù zhī qíng kě jiàn yǐ.

Xian is here used in the sense of Kan, meaning (mutually) influencing. The weak (trigram) above, and the strong one below; their two influences moving and responding to each other, and thereby forming a union; the repression (of the one) and the satisfaction (of the other); (with their relative position), where the male is placed below the female: - all these things convey the notion of 'a free and successful course (on the fulfillment of the conditions), while the advantage will depend on being firm and correct, as in marrying a young lady, and there will be good fortune.' Heaven and earth exert their influences, and there ensue the transformation and production of all things. The sages influence the minds of men, and the result is harmony and peace all under the sky. If we look at (the method and issues) of those influences, the true character of heaven and earth and of all things can be seen.

: , 咸, . Xiàng zhuàn: Shān shàng yǒu zé, xián, jūn zǐ yǐ xū shòu rén.

(The trigram representing) a mountain and above it that for (the waters of) a marsh form Xian. The superior man, in accordance with this, keeps his mind free from pre-occupation, and open to receive (the influences of) others.

young yin young yang young yang young yang young yin changing yin
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[49] Revolution; Renewal
, 咸拇. Chū liù, xián qí mǔ.

The first ‘six’, divided, shows one moving his great toes.

: 咸拇, . Xiàng zhuàn: Xián qí mǔ, zhì zài wài yě.

'He moves his great toe:' - his mind is set on what is beyond (himself).

young yin young yang young yang young yang changing yin young yin
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Dà guò [28] Surpassing; Excess
, 咸腓, , . Liù èr, xián qí féi, xiōng, jū jí.

The second ‘six’, divided, shows one moving the calves of his leg. There will be evil. If he abide (quiet in his place), there will be good fortune.

: , . Xiàng zhuàn: Suī xiōng jū jí, shùn bù hài yě.

Though 'there would be evil; yet, if he abide (quiet) in his place, there will be good fortune:' - through compliance (with the circumstances of his condition and place) there will be no injury.

young yin young yang young yang changing yang young yin young yin
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Cuì [45] Condensation; Gathering
, 咸股, 执随, 吝. Jiǔ sān, xián qí gǔ, zhí qí suí, wǎng lìn.

The third ‘nine’, undivided, shows one moving his thighs, and keeping close hold of those whom he follows. Going forward (in this way) will cause regret.

: 咸股, . , . Xiàng zhuàn: Xián qí gǔ, yì bù chù yě. zhì zài suí rén, suǒ zhí xià yě.

'He moves his thighs:' - he still does not (want to) rest in his place. His will is set on 'following others:' - what he holds in his grasp is low.

young yin young yang changing yang young yang young yin young yin
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Jiǎn [39] Obstruction; Hardship
, , , 憧憧, . Jiǔ sì, zhēn jí, huǐ wáng, chōng chōng wǎng lái, péng cóng ěr sī.

The fourth ‘nine’, undivided, shows that firm correctness which will lead to good fortune, and prevent all occasion for repentance. If its subject be unsettled in his movements, (only) his friends will follow his purpose.

: , 感害. 憧憧, . Xiàng zhuàn: Zhēn jí huǐ wáng, wèi gǎn hài yě. chōng chōng wǎng lái, wèi guāng dà yě.

'Firm correctness will lead to good fortune, and prevent all occasion for repentance:' - there has not yet been any harm from (a selfish wish to) influence. 'He is unsettled in his movements:'(his power to influence) is not yet either brilliant or great.

young yin changing yang young yang young yang young yin young yin
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Xiǎo guò [62] Overstep; Small preponderance
, 咸脢, . Jiǔ wǔ, xián qí méi, wú huǐ.

The fifth ‘nine’, undivided, shows one moving the flesh along the spine above the heart. There will be no occasion for repentance.

: 咸脢, . Xiàng zhuàn: Xián qí méi, zhì mò yě.

'He (tries to) move the flesh along the spine above the heart:' - his aim is trivial.

changing yin young yang young yang young yang young yin young yin
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Dùn [33] Regression; Retreat
, 咸辅颊. Shàng liù, xián qí fǔ jiá shé.

The sixth ‘six’, divided, shows one moving his jaws and tongue.

: 咸辅颊, 滕. Xiàng zhuàn: Xián qí fǔ jiá shé, téng kǒu shuō yě.

'He moves his jaws and tongue:' - he (only) talks with loquacious mouth.

This translation of the YiJing classic text uses the original Chinese including the Xiàng zhuàn commentary converted to modern simplified characters and pinyin. The English translation is based on William Legge (1899) which is now out of copyright. We have changed some wording and converted to American spelling. We hope to replace this with a more modern translation.

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