Dà yǒu Profusion Great harvest [hexagram 14]

Yang line Yin - controlling line Yang line Yang line Yang line Yang line


Fire over Heaven
Fire Fire element

Water Earth
[8] Coherence; Union
Heaven Fire
Tóng rén [13] Aggregation; Fellowship
Lake Heaven
Guài [43] Eruption; Breakthrough

Lunar month: 5 ; Host or Controlling line : 5
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: . Dà yǒu: yuán hēng.

Da You indicates that, (under the circumstances which it implies), there will be great progress and success.

: , , , . , , . Tuàn zhuàn: Dà yǒu, róu de zūn wèi, dà zhōng ér shàng xià yìng zhī, yuēdà yǒu. qí dé gāng jiàn ér wén míng, yìng hū tiān ér shí xíng, shì yǐ yuán hēng.

In Da You the weak (line) has the place of honor, is grandly central, and (the strong lines) above and below respond to it. Hence comes its name of Da You (Having what is Great). The attributes (of its component trigrams) are strength and vigor with elegance and brightness. (The ruling line in it) responds to (the ruling line in the symbol of) heaven, and (consequently) its action is (all) at the proper times. In this way (it is said to) indicate great progress and success.

: , ; , . Xiàng zhuàn: Huǒ zài tiān shàng, dà yǒu; jūn zǐ yǐ è è yáng shàn, shùn tiān xiū mìng.

(The trigram for) heaven and (that of) fire above it form Da You. The superior man, in accordance with this, represses what is evil and gives distinction to what is good, in sympathy with the excellent Heaven-conferred (nature).

young yang young yin young yang young yang young yang changing yang
I Ching transform
Dǐng [50] Containment; Creation
: 害, , . Chū jiǔ: wú jiāo hài, fěi jiù, jiān zé wú jiù.

In the first ‘nine’, undivided, there is no approach to what is injurious, and there is no error. Let there be a realization of the difficulty (and danger of the position), and there will be no error (to the end).

: , . Xiàng zhuàn: Dà yǒu chū jiǔ, wú jiāo hài yě.

This first ‘nine’, (undivided), of Da You shows no approach to what is injurious.

young yang young yin young yang young yang changing yang young yang
I Ching transform
[30] Adherence; Brightness
: , , . Jiǔ èr: dà chē yǐ zài, yǒu yōu wǎng, wú jiù.

In the second ‘nine’, undivided, we have a large wagon with its load. In whatever direction advance is made, there will be no error.

: , 积. Xiàng zhuàn: Dà chē yǐ zài, jī zhōng bù bài yě.

'A large wagon with its load' refers to the (virtue) accumulated (in the subject of the line), so that he will suffer no loss (in the conduct of affairs).

young yang young yin young yang changing yang young yang young yang
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Kuí [38] Opposition; Diversity
: , . Jiǔ sān: gōng yòng hēng yú tiān zǐ, xiǎo rén fú kè.

The third ‘nine’, undivided, shows us a feudal prince presenting his offerings to the Son of Heaven. A small man would be unequal (to such a duty).

: , . Xiàng zhuàn: Gōng yòng hēng yú tiān zǐ, xiǎo rén hài yě.

'A feudal prince presents his offerings to the son of Heaven:' - a small man (in such a position) does (himself) harm.

young yang young yin changing yang young yang young yang young yang
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Dà xù [26] Impeded; Great nourishment
: 彭, . Jiǔ sì: fěi qí péng, wú jiù.

The fourth ‘nine’, undivided, shows its subject keeping his great resources under restraint. There will be no error.

: 彭, ; 辨晰. Xiàng zhuàn: Fěi qí péng, wú jiù; míng biàn xī yě.

'He keeps his great resources under restraint:' - his wisdom discriminates clearly (what he ought to do).

young yang changing yin young yang young yang young yang young yang
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Qián [1] Donator; Initiating
: 厥, 威; . Liù wǔ: jué fú jiāo rú, wēi rú; jí.

The fifth ‘six’, divided, shows the sincerity of its subject reciprocated by that of all the others (represented in the hexagram). Let him display a proper majesty, and there will be good fortune.

: 厥, . 威, . Xiàng zhuàn: Jué fú jiāo rú, xìn yǐ fā zhì yě. wēi rú zhī jí, yì ér wú bèi yě.

'His sincerity is reciprocated by all the others:' - his sincerity serves to stir and call out what is in their minds. 'The good fortune springing from a display of proper majesty' shows how they might (otherwise) feel too easy, and make no preparation (to serve him).

changing yang young yin young yang young yang young yang young yang
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Dà zhuàng [34] Powerful; Great strength
: , . Shàng jiǔ: zì tiān yòu zhī, jí wú bù lì.

The topmost ‘nine’, undivided, shows its subject with help accorded to him from Heaven. There will be good fortune, advantage in every respect.

: , . Xiàng zhuàn: Dà yǒu shàng jí, zì tiān yòu yě.

'The good fortune attached to the topmost line of Da You' arises from the help of Heaven.

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