zǔ grandfather

Made up of [ shì spirit; altar radical 113, qiě and; moreover; yet ]
Similar looking characters : zū (to hire)


Combines the 'altar' radical and tablet so is linked to ancestral veration
Number of strokes: 9

Related characters

Also uses shì component: fú (good fortune) lǐ (ceremony) shén (god)
Also uses qiě component: jiě (elder sister) yí (proper) zǔ (to hinder) zǔ (to form) zū (to hire)

Sounds same

zǔ (to form) zǔ (to hinder)

Different tone

zū (to hire) zú (clan) zú (foot)

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元太祖 Genghis Khan


zǔ ancestral tablet

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