yī clothes

A measure word to use for this noun: bāo


Picture of a gown, drawn in amended form as a radical
Number of strokes: 6

Sounds same

yī (one) yī (doctor)

Different tone

yí (proper) yí (barbarians) yǐ (hidden) yǐ (to use) yǐ (chair) yǐ (already) yǐ (twist) yì (easy) 亿 yì (100,000,000) yì (justice) yì (also) yì (city) yì (catch) yì (skill) yì (to recollect) yì (idea) yì (different)
This character is also represented as a radical in the form:

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stroke order for 衣
Stroke order for character 衣, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


晒衣节 Shài yī jié Clothes Drying Day

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