wù thing; object; matter

Made up of [ niú ox; cow; bull radical 93, do not ]


Here 'ox' is an example of a 'thing' and the right part is the phonetic 'wu'
Number of strokes: 8

Related characters

Also uses component: yì (easy)

Sounds same

wù (do not) wù (fifth (ordinal)) wù (affair)

Different tone

wū (crow) wū (house) wú (not to have) wǔ (five) wǔ (noon) wǔ (martial)

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物极必反 wù jí bì fǎn Things will turn around in the opposite direction when they reach the highest point
别无长物 bié wú cháng wù In great poverty, possessing nothing other than the bare essentials.

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