jiào religion; teaching; to make

Made up of [ suī rap radical 66, xiào filial piety or obedience; mourning apparel ]


May be illustrates the 'action' of an old man teaching a child. The left part is the rough phonetic 'xiao'
Number of strokes: 10

Related characters

Also uses suī component: fàng (let go) gù (happening) huī (emblem) jiāo (to teach) sàn (to scatter) xiào (effect) yōu (distant) zhì (to send)
Also uses xiào component: jiāo (to teach)

Sounds same

jiào (called) jiào (comparatively)

Different tone

jiāo (to teach) jiāo (to hand over) jiāo (suburbs) jiāo (to glue) jiǎo (horn) jiǎo (dumpling)

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赐子千金不如教子一艺 cì zǐ qiān jīn bù rú jiào zǐ yī yì Learning a new skill will pay dividends in the future
子不教父之过 zǐ bù jiào fù zhī guò Parents are responsible for their children's education

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