diàn electric; electricity; electrical

Made up of [ tián field radical 102]
Similar looking characters : yòng (to use)
Alternative traditional form of character:


Originally a streak of lightning in a field under rain. Modern form loses the rain part
Number of strokes: 5

Related characters

Also uses tián component: chù (livestock) dài (to respect) fù (rich) fú (good fortune) huà (to draw) huáng (yellow) jiǎ (first in list) jiāng (border) lèi (tired) léi (thunder) lǐ (inside) māo (cat) mǔ (area) nán (male) shēn (to extend) sī (to think) yóu (to follow)

Sounds same

diàn (shop)

Different tone

diǎn (spot)

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stroke order for 电
Stroke order for character 电, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license

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