àn bank; shore; beach

Made up of [ shān mountain radical 46, chǎng cliff; factory; depot radical 27, gàn do; shield; to concern radical 51]


Both 'mountain' as radical and 'cliff' give the meaning while 'gan' suggests the phonetic
Number of strokes: 8

Related characters

Also uses shān component: dǎo (island) huī (emblem) suì (year) xiān (immortal)
Also uses chǎng component: cè (toilet) dùn (shield) fǎn (contrary) hòu (behind) lì (to experience) lì (strict) yuán (former)
Also uses gàn component: gǎn (to overtake) gān (pole) gān (liver) hàn (perspiration) kān (to print) nián (year)

Different tone

ān (peace)

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隔岸观火 gé àn guān huǒ Refusing to help others when it is needed

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