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We're building an exciting new information source all about China. We found other sites were poorly structured, too detailed (such as Wikipedia) or just too old-fashioned. What we thought was needed was a carefully constructed set of pages with strict editorial control so that links and pages are consistent, up-to-date and easy to navigate without clutter.

The name “Chinasage” came about because this can be read as either “china sage” ( zhōng guó yīng míng) or “china's age” ( zhōng guó shí dài) , which promotes our new knowledge resource at a time when China has come of age in the World.

China Sage News

We keep track of news reports from China but steer clear of the headlines that are well reported elsewhere. Here are the latest couple of reports. For more stories visit news section.

Fri 5th Jul

Beijing is following Shanghai's example for the management of its annual 9 million ton mountain of garbage. Everyone will now have to sort their garbage so as much can be recycled as possible. People and businesses will now need to sort their waste into dry refuse, wet trash, recyclable waste and hazardous waste. A fine of 200 yuan will be enforced if the new directive is not followed. There will be rewards as well as fines to those who comply. This is all part of the China's aim for 2020 when 35% of household garbage should be recycled.

beijing rubbish processing

Photo credit Rob Schmitz/NPR

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Wed 26th Jun

A widespread view of China is that it is a coal-burning, CO2 generating monster that threatens to make global climate change worse.

That is a misleading simplification, in some areas China leads the world in green, clean energy. As an example Qinghai province has now run on all clean energy for 15 days on the trot beating the previous record of 9 days last year. Admittedly Qinghai is one of less populated provinces (6 million people) but it shows that great efforts are being made - even in the remote areas of China. It's not all gloom and doom.

green energy
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Wed 5th Jun

In a merger of the very old and very new it is now possible to download a computer model of a terracotta warrior and print it out with a 3-D printer. In a scheme to engage youngsters with the Chinese Qin dynasty a miniature plastic model complete with banner engraved with words of your choosing, can be yours for free. A number of different forms are available, the charioteer can be used as a pen holder for instance. It's a novel way to promote an interest in history and archeology.

There are currently no plans for life-size models to be made available.

Qin dynasty, Terracotta army
The famous terracotta warriors at the tomb of the first Qin Emperor Shihuangdi

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China Sage Site updates

Here are the last few news updates about our web site. For older entries please visit our site news section.

Mon 15th Jul
1,000 character classic added

To complete the set of three language and calligraphy primers we have added the Thousand Character Classic to the Chinasage web site. As it's name suggests it consists of 1,000 (well 999 actually) unique characters. It was devised as a teaching aid 1,500 years ago. It has a good chance of being the most hated work in world literature because millions of schoolchildren down the centuries have been forced to learn the contrived text by heart and copy it out numerous times.

calligraphy, Ouyang Xun,  1000 characters
One Thousand Character classic in Ouyang Xun calligraphy style. Image by available under a Creative Commons License
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Wed 10th Jul
Yet newer format quiz
Originally the quizzes wer base on javascript this then changed to PHP with one PHP page per question, now we have gone for a single javascript page. We hope this now gives full compatibility to all mobiles and browsers. Let us know is you experience any difficulties.
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Sichuan, food
Roadside snacks at Chengdu, Sichuan


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Teacup Media (China History Podcast)

We are delighted to be able to promote links to Laszlo Montgomery's excellent Teacup Media series created over the last six years. Lazlo Montgomery has in depth knowledge of building commercial contacts with China over 25 years. This set of 200 podcasts totals 100 hours of audio commentary which covers every conceivable topic in Chinese history. Highly recommended.


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